I've returned back to Lee Valley now after some much needed downtime back at home in Stone/Trentham. Having (finally) finished my degree mid December I had a weeks preview of what life was going to be like this new year as an official (again, finally!) full time athlete- and it was great :)

So I team up with Marc Domenjo and the rest of the guys again on Monday to recommence training for what is going to be a massive 2015! What we've got lined up this year are THREE selection series, and a home World Championships all at Lee Valley! As well as 5 World Cups, a European Championships in Germany, and U23 World Championships in Brazil!

A year with so much opportunity and I'm glad that I'm going to be able to put all of my attention and efforts into my training / recovery. But managing the time in between training is going to be equally important to keep my motivated and happy so I've already started a bit of a to-do type list of challenges / goals that are outside of my training, and here's a few of them...

- Read a book from cover to cover this month. (I know it sounds easy but I've struggled to find the time I should to read recently so this one is very important! Maybe I'll set the challenge to read 2 books in February if I succeed this month)

- Play my 'A shape' barre chord properly on the guitar! Always struggled with it.. 2015 is going to be the year I finally get it down!

- Latte art. Be able to pour a picture into my coffee (pretty self-explanatory) I've been getting a bit closer recently. (Expect an excited post when I finally crack it!)

- Post at least once a month on my website. For numerous reasons, but mainly for myself so I can keep track of my own adventures and also to practice my writing now I'm not in education!

That's enough of my goals anyway :) Let me know what yours are! Remember to make them SMART!

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