Selection 2016

and... Relax!

It's been a super long season and I'm well and truly ready for a rest now!

Selection is a bit different to any other race... It's almost seen as some kind of 'minimum' standard because if you don't get this bit right, then there goes your international season of racing! This alongside competing directly against friends/teamates for places on the Great Britain team make it a super stressful weekend of racing.

I was however feeling really relaxed about the whole situation after an amazing time in training the lastcouple of weeks leading into this one. BUT... It did not go as smoothly as I was thinking! I had a disasterous 1st day and morning of day 2 leaving it all to do with my last 3 runs of competition!

Because of 'preselection points' from the World Championships there was really only 1 place left up for grabs and I was thrown into a head to head battle with Tom Quinn. A friend and teammate for many years and a very accomplished competitor with a final at the World Championships in 2014 and a couple of medals at U23 level.

Fortunately for me I won the final place and secured my place for another season, and the 2016 looks exciting! It was not

Here's a list of the international races I'll be competing in next summer:

International Tatra Slalom - Liptovsky Mikulas SVK

European Championships - Liptovsky Mikulas SVK

World Cup 1 - Ivrea ITA

World Cup 2 - Seu d'Urgell ESP

World Cup 3 - Pau FRA

World Cup 4 - Prague CZE

World Cup Final - Tacen SLO

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