I won the British Open!

I've enjoyed a bit of (well deserved) time off after the stressful selection last weekend but I have done a bit of paddling and been rather successful! I won the British Open at Lee Valley for the first time which is pretty cool! Tough to get back up for racing after a long intense season and I was unsure whether or not I would even enter this race, but I decided to and just treat it as a bit of fun - pretty stoked to have won!

Greg and I were very happy to host Adrian Cole (CAN) and Soeren Loos (GER) for the week as well with them coming over to prepare for the race. AJ (Adrian) and I have been friends since we met at the Junior Worlds back in 2010 so it was great to hang out and show him a bit of London... he also made us pancakes for breakfast - they were awesome!

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