A 'different' phase of training...

I'm mixing things up a little this December, and I'm having an AWESOME time!

With my tenancy up near Lee Valley at the end of November, and a VERY exciting winter camp (watch this space) planned from the end of December it just made sense to not find somewhere temporary to live near Lee Valley. At least, that's how it started out... The more I thought about basing myself out of Stone (Staffordshire), the more I realised that it was an awesome opportunity to mix things up a little and make some different gains in my training!

So I'm currently splitting my week up between my home training site on the flatwater in Stone, HPP in Nottingham, and a couple of days in Lee Valley White Water Centre to keep contact with my coach Marc Domenjo. Different rivers, different training stimuli, and having fun on the water with friends (the way it should be!)

I learnt my trade on Stone. Many many hours spent drilling techniques and exploring the control of my slalom boat here so there is always that nostalgic attatchment to this place. But the fact is... It's a great slalom site for honing technique and working hard physically!

I think that training is going really well so far then this block! I'm working hard, definitely benefiting from the mixed environments, and I feel super chill and relaxed from being based back home (and the fridge is always full here!)

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