Winter Jetsetting! #slalommakesmetravel

It's not been the coldest winter I've known (so far!) but that isn't stopping me from chasing warmer climates this winter!

I braved it through the cold last winter to prioritise my time on the Lee Valley White Water course in London, with FOUR important races held there in 2015 it seemed the right thing to do! But with no important startline there now until 2017, and no selection to race for next season (already been held) there is a massive window of time to get some serious training done before the 2016 season starts!

I have quite the trip planned...

New Zealand, Australia, and Dubai! All in one winter!

It's definitely a bit more comfortable training in the warm, but it's also just that bit better on your muscles so reduces the risk of injury. It's also very exciting to be heading out to these places and exploring different rivers and training with friends from around the world so motivation will be super high!

It's been a bit of a logistical mission to get everything planned out, but I think I'm just about ready! Sure some challenges will probably crop up but hopefully nothing that I won't be able to overcome!

I'll keep you posted as best I can with what I'm getting up to, it's all very exciting! British Canoeing social media will be following my adventures too and I hope to bring it all to life with some cool images/videos and I'll use the hashtag #slalommakesmetravel as often as I can to keep everything all together :)

Wish me luck getting my boat on the plane! (and it arriving in one piece!!)

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