World Cups 4&5 Preview

It's been a little while since my last post, mainly down to being super busy back home in Lee Valley just working hard! I also have a job now as a photographer at Lee Valley for the white-water rafting! It's not too time-consuming and I get to fit it around my training which is just perfect. I'm still nowhere near feeling safe financially but it's a little bit of help towards that goal!

Since I haven't had to race since World Cup 3 in June I've been able to just smash a heavy block of training in Lee Valley without having to worry about feeling fresh/sharp for a start line. In previous years I've had racing commitments with the jnr/u23 teams so a big mid-season training block like this hasn't been possible and I'm really looking forward to see if I reap the rewards of it in the upcoming finale to the 2016 World CUP circuit!

As it is just over 2 weeks now until racing in Prague (CZE) kicks off I am midway through my 'taper'. A very welcome rest for my body and as I shift my focus to quantity to quality and training volume to strength/speed I'm starting to feel REALLY good! Safe to say, this is the strongest I have ever been with PBs all around in the gym backed by a massive volume of time spent paddling white-water.

The jnr/u23 compete in Solkan (SLO) next week which leaves Lee Valley pretty quiet! I'm taking to opportunity to fly out to Prague a week early to start my final World Cup preparations. I just love an adventure like this, arranging a training camp and flying out on my own. Hopefully all goes smoothly, but any unexpected circumstances will just add to the adventure!

As it stands after the first 3 of 5 World Cups I sit 5th in the overall rankings! Prague is the site of my senior PB (4th place 2012) so i am very excited to see if I can push on and challenge for a place in the overall top 3! After Prague we move on to Tacen (SLO) where I have never raced my C1 before. This one will also be double points and it's a particulary crazy white-water course so literally anything can happen at this race! I'm hoping for another solid performance in Prague and then head to Tacen to give it my best and see what happens! I'll keep you posted!

Adam :)

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