British Open Champion '16

I've said it to a few people over the weekend now... physically, mentally, (emotionally?!) it felt like I fell off a cliff after returning home from the World Cup Final... and racing this weekend was HARD! But... I WON!

I found it really hard to focus on my runs and actually get moving/warmed up beforehand too. I guess it's to be expected after a long season.. but at the same time, I really wanted to keep this title!

I managed to bring myself up (with a little help from my friend 'coffee') in time for the final. It was the first time over the weekend I managed to complete a full warm-up so I felt good to go!

Racing was tight! With less than a second separating myself from 2nd and 3rd place competitors Ryan Westley and Tom Quinn who both actually went a little faster than myself but with time penalties.

On this day my clean run was enough to take the title, but I think that the high standard and competitiveness of this race (even with missing athletes David Florence and Mark Proctor) sets the tone for our winter and selection series next year... British C1m are a force to be reckoned with and unfortunately for us there are going to be some very good athletes not make the team next year with only 3 spots available!

So, for me, it's time for a short break before giving it absolutely everything until selection next April!

Wish me luck!

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