La Seu d'Urgell - World Cup 5

After another week of training in Pau, France (this years World Championships venue) we crossed the mountains over into Spain to race the final World Cup of the season in La Seu d'Urgell this weekend.

I finished in 29th place which is pretty disappointing especially after such a solid performance in the qualification round and on a river I really enjoy (and in one of my favourite parts of the world!). However I think there are a couple of lessons for me to take away from this race and if that makes me stronger for the main event in 3 weeks time (World Championships) then that is a result in itself!

I let my head go after an 'unlucky' penalty. It wasn't for long at all but it was long enough to incur another penalty on the next gate as well! Hopefully lesson learned.. at least for a little while again! A very similar thing happened here last year but in the final, and it ended up being the turning point of my season going on to make another 3 finals and paddle with the most discipline and focus I've ever had! Let's hope I get a similar response this time around! I definitely need that lesson reinforced every now and again although this time I think our plan to respond is a bit more robust.

I think my racing mindset is still just a little rusty after a big block of prioritising my development over results. It's a shift I generally make well though and I'm confident I'll have it locked back down again before long! Already I showed I still have that discipline and style in my locker with my performance in the qualification. Not performing the same in the semis is just a sign that I'm not quite back in that groove yet!

Already I'm thinking ahead to when the World Championships return to La Seu in 2019 with a few 'project' areas to take on over the next couple of years with hopefully a lot more time spent at this venue. (Wanting to spend more time here has nothing to do with the tapas and siestas... honest)

As always, super grateful to get the chance to be on that start-line and I can't wait to get back out there! For now, I'm staying out in Barcelona for a few easy days before that final taper down to what is hopefully gonna be a big performance at the World Championships!

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