Training Diary | DECEMBER

There has been a period of change since returning home from the World Championships. New flat (and new flatmate, Chrissy B!), new boat, and a new approach to training. All very exciting things!

You may be aware that I was without a fixed address for over 6 months this year. I'm not sure if I fully appreciated how draining that was until I finally moved into this new place. We have very much landed on our feet though! Super stoked with where we are now! I'm really enjoying skateboarding to training through the park. As commutes go, that has to be up there..! It feels very 'focused' being so close to Lee Valley. But with good links into London and separate enough that it won't become overwhelming. A 'base' for the next two Olympic cycles perhaps?

Can't tell you how refreshing it is to finally upgrade from the 'cardrobe' to a wardrobe!

New boat. This one is a bit of a sensitive subject. Very sad to leave Galasport who have supported me since 2015. I'm very fond of the company and I felt like I learned an awful lot paddling my 'What Else'. Time for a change though and currently the Vajda 'Hype' is the boat for me. I am really enjoying how easy it is to paddle. I felt fast in the What Else, but had to work hard to hold runs together. In this I feel like the runs are easier to hold together so I can focus on being fast... We'll see how this change pans out in the season, but I'm very confident for now that this has been a good call.

Enjoying the Hype! Overhead image by Kim Jones Photography

New approach. I'll keep some of this to myself for now... Essentially though I've mixed things up this winter after a successful trial run just before the Worlds last year. The biggest benefit has been my availability to train. No training lost so far to injury, and we're actually planning more sessions too! I also feel like I'm paddling much more, and working more often on the skills I feel important to work on too. This is giving me a lot of confidence to perform. I've been under-powered and playing catch up the last two seasons. Last time I had a full winters training was between 2015/16 and that following season I had so much consistency. If we can continue on this path, with the extra strings I've added to my bow then 2019 looks set to be a very exciting season! Bring it on! I can't wait!

Putting the injuries from 2017/18 behind me. Onto 2019! Image by Kim Jones Photography

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