Training Diary | JANUARY

I have been in Australia for just over 2 weeks now. Very much settled into a routine after hitting the ground running day one with training. Coping with the jet lag much better than in previous years. Enjoying every minute out there on the water! Amazing to think how much more work (and the quality of it) I am getting done compared to my trip out here last winter which was hampered by injury.

Taken by 'jgrimages' Day I forgot my helmet... Cheers Martin Thomas (FRA) for the rescue!

When on the road, it can be difficult to keep up with what make you, you though. I certainly struggle. The priority of course is my white-water training, and that has been fantastic. I hold high standards though, and that means making good use of my time when I am not training. Be that effective recovery or bettering myself in some other area.

It took a little over a week for me to feel ‘on it’ but I feel content that I am performing both on and off the water now – I am a big believer that one complements the other too... More time to myself has made the difference. I am a people person through and through, but even I need that space. Travelling with the team can make that difficult, it has to be a conscious choice. Simple fixes though. As simple as slipping my earphones in if I want to focus on a bit of writing, taking my time over a walk to the shop to practice my breath training, or a trip up to the rooftop to read or practice yoga.

One of my favourites from my trip here in 2016. Taken by Julie Neime. 'Main Wave' has to be one of the best slalom features in the world!

‘Screen time’ has been the other challenge. My habit of switching off for ninety minutes before and after sleeping back home has literally been life-changing (please, try it!). Here however, this is really the only time I can be in contact with home with the +11 hour time difference. The compromise I have been trying to implement is reducing that screen curfew to one hour, and then an hour in the middle of the day too. Still getting my three hours ‘disconnected’ each day, but keeping a little bit of a window to remain in touch with the UK.

High quality on the water, high quality off the water. One very happy Burgess here! 3 more weeks to go soaking up this sunshine and training hard. Looking forward to racing Australian Open 15th-17th February before flying home. First opportunity of the year to experience some start line adrenaline!

Shout out to my coach Craig Morris back home for the music recommendation ‘GoGo Penguin’. Check them out, I’m enjoying their album ‘Man Made Object’ a lot right now.

Also, I read ‘Do/Breathe/ Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done.’ – Michael Townsend Williams this month which I recommend to anyone curious about breath. Or to anyone who hasn’t realised yet that they SHOULD be curious about breath! (Cheers Bodo for that one!)

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