Paying Attention

We are in a phase of awesome momentum in training at present. Adding technical upgrades, building the engine, and finding consistency. A true testament to my ‘Meraki model’ approach and the amazing support team behind it. I think about my most consistent season yet and how that was probably the only one not preceded by a winter of injury setbacks. Excited for what 2019 (and Olympic selection!) can bring if I continue this run of uninterrupted training.

My history and enthusiasm for training could make this a risky time. A pat on the back for identifying that! I will not let today’s clear waters let me sail over-confidently into a storm. Already this winter backing off a session or two has paid dividends. This is not a time to get complacent. Full steam ahead could lead to burnout.

'Main Wave'. Penrith, Australia. Photo by @JGRimages

Time to pay extra attention to what my body tells me, keep up with all of my recovery strategies, and actually rest when it is time to. Yin yoga. Hydration. Naps. Learning to be flexible with my training plan. If the arms say rest, we rest. Smart decisions this week to soften the end of a heavy block. Staying fit remains goal one. Tranquil with belief and trust this is the correct course.

Sometimes it is true that less really can be more.

Favourite Yin pose. Opens up the shoulder lovely, particularly useful for me during heavy gym blocks! (Taken at Triyoga, Shoreditch)

Listened to a fantastic podcast this week that I would like to recommend. Russel Brand's 'Under the Skin' with guests 'The Happy Pear'. Great guys, I loved what they were about and they're fellow handstanders/cold water exposure enthusiasts!

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