Race Review | Australian Open

First race runs of the year, and a chance to blow out the cobwebs. Reflections are largely positive. Two good performances in the heats and semi-finals. Though I am disappointed with the final run and eighth place finish, we take a lot from it. It was a non-threatening start-line and those two good performances and also the poor one have given valuable insight to move forward with. It is a journey. It all contributes to the Olympic ambition. We learn from the good stuff and the bad stuff and keep moving forwards.

Racing Heats. Photo by Scott Moorhen

I have shifted my approach to racing this season. Evidence so far from training and most of that race indicate this has been a positive move. A natural progression too. There are always going to be ‘bugs’ when we try to implement a new system. I had some new thoughts and feelings which as an ongoing thing is an interesting space for us to navigate. What is very positive is that for the first time as a senior athlete I feel like we have the tools and the capability to win any race. This is where we ‘belong’. We don’t need the ‘stars to align’ as much as previously. I’m moving with a lot of confidence and intention, and that is very exciting!

Photo by teammate Ryan Westley

Credit to the training plan, credit to staying injury free, and credit to my team that we continue to learn and evolve. 2019 is very exciting, and we’re just getting started…

(Videos from Heats and SF available on my Facebook page or Videos tab)

Making a habit of adding a bit of value, some form of recommendation at the end of posts. I would like to recommend the book Mentors by Russell Brand. An important subject for anyone interested in their own growth and written in a friendly and often comical way.

Also, for those not reading from Australia chances are you haven't heard of Ocean Alley. They are a great band I got really into whilst I was out there. The 'soundtrack' to the majority of that trip. Check out their album: Chiaroscuro (features on my semi-final video)

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