Race Review | European Championships 2019

A very respectable 5th place and cracking start to the international season in Pau!

As we get closer to Lee Valley World Cup (roll up roll up...) It is exciting to show a bit of form here in Pau. I felt really locked into my paddling style, always smooth, creating space, and having really efficient connection all through this race. It was just a penalty on the upstream gate 16 which cost me a medal here!

I've really enjoyed racing though and feel in great shape ahead of this first main peak back in London. A return to form I feel after a bit of a disappointing end to the 2018 season. New boat and the work we have done over winter to improve my ability to put race runs down when it matters is clearly had a big impact.

Taking all of the momentum back to London, let see what happens there!

(Videos of heats and final run over on the VIDEOS tab)

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