My Story

Lessons To Share From a Career in Canoe Slalom

The Meraki Model

An Approach to Life and Learning (And How It Was Developed)


Overcoming Setbacks and Coming Back Even Stronger

Goal-Setting and Personal Development​

Exploring How Micro and Macro Goals Promote Growth

Performance Under Pressure

How To Perform Even Better When It Matters Most

Yoga For Sport

Physical and Mental Benefits and How They Translate To Performance


Creating Community and The Team Behind The Team

Success leaves a trail. With a trail, there's a tale…

From a trail still ablaze comes my story. Overcoming setbacks, performing when it counts, and staying true to the person I want to be all have their lessons. What motivates me most to reach the top is having a platform to share my experience - To connect with others. To disrupt and make waves. To inspire positive change.

Curious about consciousness, community, and creating...

Relentless pursuit of technical mastery and medals in my chosen sport has taught me much. Our bodies and minds, that we all embody as humans are so complex. Yet, the capacity to learn from our differences is opportune. But how do we fuel it? How should we rest? What restores us mentally? What, when our backs are up against the wall, the odds stacked against us, is it that makes us keep our focus? What makes us perform? What does it mean to be a kind person? What makes us happy? What can you do to make other people happy? I think a lot. I challenge, and I create. Sport isn’t just about the medals we win. It’s the journey, and how that can move people.

Positivity, passion, profession...

Adaptable to the occasion. Experience speaking in front of a range of audiences and in a variety of roles. As a storyteller, educator, motivator, group creative discussion,   commentator and awards presenter.

Like water, ripple into all walks of life...

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